Kahoots™ Intro Cut-Scene

In case you missed the sneak preview on Twitter, here’s the Kahoots™ intro cut-scene in all its stop-motiony glory:

We auditioned a half-dozen actors for the role of the Chief Inspector. As soon as we heard Gray Gleason’s read, we knew we’d found The One. His voice was an exact match for the voice in my head (one of the voices in my head, anyway :) Give Gray a shot if you need v/o work. He’s quick, professional, and his low range “trailer guy” voice can lend a lot of gravity to your next high fantasy epic.

The intro was built over a series of very late nights leading up to Casual Connect. We had run into some opposition from the portals claiming that the game wasn’t high quality enough, and i had to explain that the big blank gaps on the title screen and intro scene (you beta testers know what i’m talking about) were not actually final. Sheesh. i figured that having a completed title screen and intro would go a long way towards convincing a portal to sell my game and claim 65% of the proceeds.

Anyway, the strategy worked out, and now a number of outlets are excited about the game. i actually got the chance to meet a few people on submissions duty who had seen the first playable, and dismissed it as Yet Another Match-3 Game. Those of you who have played Kahoots™ know that although you are selecting groups of three, the game has as much to do with Bejewelled as chevre has to do with Cheez Whiz.

Either way, the game is still pretty cheesy.

9 thoughts on “Kahoots™ Intro Cut-Scene

  1. Andy Smith

    When the dreadfully tired man hits his plate it’s dreadfully loud. I could feel his pain. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    1. Ryan

      Andy – i actually cranked the sound effect up past the clipping point because i was going for that effect. Tee hee!

  2. Gray Gleason

    Fantastic voice! Can’t get enough of it! Claymation’s ok — not bad — but THAT VOICE!

    Ok – enough Bull hockey – – – great trailer – a very pleasant surprise! Nicely done, Ryan!

    1. Ryan

      Hahahaha … thanks Gray Gleason, voice of the Chief Inspector in Kahoots! Whatta left-handed compliment … “better than i expected”. Truth be told, so was your voice! (burn!)

      Jokes all around. A pleasure to work with you, and your voice work accounts for about half of the success of the intro.

      – Ryan


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