The Cattle are Lowing

Last week, we launched Interrupting Cow Trivia, our fun online multiplayer trivia game. We got a GREAT response from our community, and sundry other ne’er-do-wells who wandered by to check it out.

As promised, we have “herd” your feedback, and are happy to update you with the Alpha 1.4 release!


Interrupting Cow Trivia Alpha 1.4 Release Notes

  • As the first of many member perks, when you log in with your Untold Entertainment member name and password, your avatar will show up in the game. (Create an avatar if you haven’t already. Go to the Boards and log in. Then click User Control Panel>Profile>Edit Avatar! Or Sign Up for an Untold Entertainment membership before someone scoops your username!)
  • The game dimensions have been increased so that we can pack in all the awesomeness on our future feature list
  • The game now keeps track of which questions it serves up, so there’s no chance of seeing a repeat until you’ve cycled through 500 questions. That’s 50 rounds! Try it! i encourage you! (thanks for the suggestion, Kilby)
  • You can use the UP/DOWN arrow keys on your keyboard to cycle through the stuff you’ve already typed. So if you type an answer perfectly, except you miss an “s” at the end, you can just hit UP and type the “s” and re-submit (thanks for the suggestion, Erik!)
  • The clues come in more slowly so that you have a chance to read them (thanks for the suggestion, Slow-Readin’ Cross-Eyed Mcgee!)
  • The letters fill more quickly. They come in faster for longer answers, and more slowly for shorter answers (thanks again, Erik!)

If you’ve played before, i encourage you to play again to try on these changes. If you’ve never played Interrupting Cow Trivia, why not give it a go? Awesomazing feature upgrades for the game loom on the horizon. If you like the game and want to see it get better and better, here’s what you can do to help:

  1. tell your friends about Interrupting Cow Trivia
  2. keep giving us feedback
  3. add the Untold Entertainment rss feed to your feed reader, or follow Untoldent on Twitter, and you’ll be the first to know when we publish updates!
  4. Thanks everyone!


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