Untold Entertainment in KidScreen June 2009

A while back, KidScreen scribes Emily and Kate paid us a visit to find out about Kahoots, our fun crime-themed puzzle game that we’re modeling entirely in clay.

Untold Entertainment 's Kahoots in Kidscreen June 2009

Note: Sackboy is a registered trademark of … i dunno. Some other company you probably haven’t heard of.

You can find the article in this month’s edition of KidScreen. Or, if you’ve become so accustomed to reading your computer screen that your eyeballs can no longer make sense of words on printed paper, check out the digital version of the article here:

KidScreen June 2009: iPhone game innovates with stop motion

Feeling Testy?

The first round of the Kahoots Closed Public Beta is over, and we’re working dilligently to get the next version up online for our testers. We’ll likely extend a fresh invitation to help us test at that point; all beta testers get their names in the credits of the final version of Kahoots, and eternal life in heaven with Jesus. (No guarantees on that one – please consult your holy scriptures for up-to-the-minute information). Keep up with our daily Kahoots progress on our message boards:

Thrill to the Spectacle of: Kahoots Beta Tests Updates

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