Our company president created Bloat. in roughly twenty-two hours at TOJam 4, a weekend-long game development expo.

[SWF], 550, 400[/SWF]
Bloat. is a true testament to the the capabilities of our talented and experienced team. When choosing a Flash game vendor, it’s often tempting to go with the least expensive team. When speed and quality matter most, Untold Entertainment is your best choice. We challenge you to find another Flash game studio in Ontario who can match our work on Bloat. in the same amount of time!

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  1. Kaolin Fire

    >> When choosing a Flash game vendor, it’s often tempting to go with the least expensive team. When speed and quality matter most, Untold Entertainment is your best choice.

    Hear, hear. :) Well, I’d put my own development on the table, too, but I’ve got less to show for it. And I don’t think I could have done Bloat on my own in 22 hours.

  2. Andres F.

    Great job, Ryan! Dropping Unity was a wise decision – you don’t need extra handicaps, the TOJam is already challenging enough!

    The level progression was quite nice, and from a design standpoint, you have variety, risk, and reward…all in less than a day. You get 3 brownie points ;)

  3. Mark

    Love it! The level progression makes me feel good about myself while still stepping up the challenge. Nicely done. I’m very drawn to this game and the visual style is quite appealing.

    I think that doing a zillion tiny games would bring in great variety, volume and growing ad revenue. Will you do the “Pimp My Game” treatment on Bloat? I’ve noticed you’ve thrown in MochiAds. Was that a part of the 22 hours spent making the game?

  4. Ryan

    Thanks, Mark!

    i spent a few hours today making those level orbs clickable so that you can re-visit levels, and integrating MochiAds. i set aside the whole day for publishing/deployment, which included two blog posts, cross-promotion on the message boards, and a bit o’ Twittering.

    i AM actually considering giving it the Pimp My Game treatment, but first i want to make a few modifications. There’s still zero money to be made in the free-to-play model.

  5. Mark

    Still, great game. Once I’ve finished it, I feel like I’ve just graduated and now I’m ready for the real world. The real world for Bloat means more levels. I guess it’s another one that can eventually get the iPhone treatment.

    I really enjoy the surprise of the ravenous Blimples eating other Blimples and then continuing to putter on as they were as innocent as before. It’s very endearing.

  6. dVyper

    That truly is a great game! :) You must have had that idea in your head before you got to the expo though right? If it were me, I’d have wasted lots of time just thinking of that.

  7. Mark

    I’d say he probably discarded about 5 other fairly well developed ideas before going with this one. There is no lack of Ideas at Untold. Time is the limiting factor.

  8. Snurre

    I really miss a save feature (my browser crashed 3 times now, and it’s not that fun to complete most of them again). This is a must! (I don’t think it’s the problem, but if you don’t know how, check out MJWs’ post 11 in his avoider game series.)

    Besides that, I really love the game, I think that you should have considered getting it sponsored by some one (APMID got 150$ for some game worse than this –

    1. Ryan

      Thanks, Snurre! The great repsonse from everyone is tempting me to sink another 20 hours in to give the game levels, high scores, save features, etc. i may create Pimp My Game 2 for this title alone, as Markergreen suggested.

    1. Ryan

      Hahah – thanks, Michael! Funniest moment for me at the jam: Sunday afternooon, making various and very loud NYOM sounds into the microphone and drawing concerned, fearful looks from people across the room.

  9. Michael

    I didn’t realise you made the sounds yourself! I figured you used SFXR or something like that. Hahaha, that makes it even better.

  10. Alex Bethke

    Bloat was definitely one of my top picks from the event and I was very surprised it didnt snag a peoples choice award. Look forward to seeing you next year.

  11. Janal Bechthold

    I played Bloat at the TOJam Arcade and it was one of my favorites! I loved how the progression of the game was logical and the goal for each level was clearly defined. It also had a very appealing look to it and fun! I probably giggled the entire time I played it! I can’t wait to see what else you’ve created!

  12. Scarybug

    There’s an event you can detect for when the mouse leaves the SWF. You should have that turn off the dragging. I keep dragging off the screen and then the blimple I was dragging is stuck even though I released the mouse. I have to click again to fix it.

    1. Ryan

      Thanks, Scarybug! What’s the event? MOUSE_LEAVE? We’ve had problems detecting the event in other games. Our game dev Jeff was just building a game where the MOUSE_LEAVE event wasn’t firing reliably. He changed the wmode in the embed tag to something other than “opaque”, and it fixed the problem in Firefox. Any perspectives on this? (Or hacks. i’ll take hacks.)

  13. Astroboy

    Nice game Ryan!
    It’s impressive how you came up with such a good concept and how you managed to develop it in that short time window.
    Gotta love the lil’ money poopers!
    Keep on the good work :)

    1. Ryan

      Thanks, Nick! Is it just me, or is the usefulness of LinkedIn petering out a bit? The groups i belong to used to be must-reads, but lately they’ve just been packed with people promoting their own work in the guise of articles. i’ve done that once or twice, but i also try to contribute actual content – Q&A kinda stuff. Looks like marketing is winning out over content in a big way. (Or do i just belong to the wrong groups?)

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  19. Nick Wiggill

    Ryan, I agree with you completely about marketing winning out over content on LinkedIn. I get so damned angry every time I look at a LinkedIn update in my inbox it’s full of people telling you “why you didn’t get that last job” or “how to screw up an interview in 5 mins”. Nice. It didn’t used to be like that at all. I’m in a ton of groups and very few are NOT like that.

    1. Ryan

      Nick – i really miss what a useful site it once was. If you have any groups to recommend – on LinkedIn or elsewhere – i’m all ears! Please share!

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