Smokin’ Poll

NOT THAT WE ARE … but if we WERE creating an online multiplayer trivia game, WHICH WE MAY NOT EVEN BE DOING, we wanted to present a poll where you choose your FAVOURITE trivia categories. The results of this poll MAY or MAY NOT be used for our hypothetical online multiplayer trivia game, which is as tangible and likely as a TAPDANCING UNICORN at this point. We’re not saying either way.

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8 thoughts on “Smokin’ Poll

  1. Snurre

    I think if you find that tapdancing unicorn, you should make all the questions relevant for our time. Not something about who made some stupid movie in 1980. Just a little thing I wanted to add :)

  2. Kaolin Fire

    Can I just say I love the layout of the new “Leave a Comment” but hate the tab-indexing? :)

    And I choose:
    Dictionary Words
    Periodic Table of Elements
    I Hate Trivia

    but I think limited to one thing I go with “I Hate Trivia”. :)

  3. Ryan

    Honest admission: NO IDEA what y’all are talking about re” tab-indexing.

    Are you upset that you can hit “TAB” to navigate through 3 or 4 fields in the green “Leave a Comment” section?

  4. Snurre

    Yeah, before it went from “Your Name *” to “Your E-Mail (enables your gravatar)*”, but it seems to work just perfect for me now as well.

  5. Ryan

    Wow! i wish that other problems that i didn’t know about sorted themselves out the same way – without my involvement!


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