Get a Game Credit in Kahoots™!

We are offering you, our faithful readers, a chance to get your name listed as a testing credit in our upcoming casual crime-themed puzzle game Kahoots, which is modelled entirely in clay.

Kahoots Screenshot

Kahoots™, a fun crime-themed puzzle game

Listen Closely

FACT: Kahoots™, is entering its CLOSED PUBLIC BETA.

FACT: Untold Entertainment Inc. just launched their SHINY NEW VIRGIN MESSAGE BOARDS.

These two facts may seem ENTIRELY UNRELATED, but they are not. These facts compel you to act. Here is what you must do:

  1. Go get an account on the boards
  2. Cruise over to the Kahoots™ forum.
  3. Click on the Beta Sign-Up sub-forum and post a new topic, indicating that you wish to be included in the Kahoots™ Closed Public Beta
  4. Wait patiently.

Behind the scenes, we will collect the usernames of those who are interested. Once Kahoots™ is ready to test (and lo, that day is nigh), we will provide you with a TOP SECRET GAME LINK where you can be among the first on OUR PLANET EARTH to play Kahoots.

If you test the game, talk about it on the boards, and sign a waiver saying that you’re testing out of the goodness of your heart and not for any monetary recompense, we will be happy to give you a credit as a tester in the final product.


It’s not about the Benjamins

What’d He Say??

That’s right. Your own game credit. In a published game. And all you gotta do is play the game and spout off on it. Pretty sweet, huh?

Tell your friends, tell your dog (though who knows what your dog will care about it? i mean, dogs don’t even speak English), and conscript your family members to take part in this once in a lifetime offer.

But Wait – There’s More!

There actually isn’t any more, but i felt compelled to say that. Just go sign up – we can’t guarantee your participation past the cut-off date.

What Good is a Game Credit?

You may have heard that game testing is one sure-fire way to break into the games industry. Whether that’s true or not, many large game companies require applicants to list titles they have worked on, and some specify that you need to be credited on those titles. Even so-called entry-level testing positions are harder and harder to come by. Any experience you have in the industry on a launched title is going to give you a leg up over someone with no experience on a launched title. Dig?

And even if you don’t care a fig about getting into the industry, at the very least you can show the game to grandma and say “Well GOLL-EEE, grandma!! Lookit whut i did!!” Then you must point at the game where your name shows up. That’ll teach grandma to sass-talk you all the damned day.


Wii Sports made Grandma think she’s hardcore

5 thoughts on “Get a Game Credit in Kahoots™!

  1. Thomas J. Corbett

    Please sign me up to assist with testing of Kahoots in Closed Public Beta in return for credit as a tester in the final product.

  2. Helene Vallee

    Soooooo tempted to make you repeat those well-detailed instructions again. Again. You so crack me up, Ryan! Running now to tell my teenagers…and my other son who just graduated from Sheridan and built a user-modable game for his capstone project :) But I better give myself a headstart! Only game I can still beat them at is DDR. :S *hangs head in despair*

    1. Ryan

      i have a feeling you’ll totally smoke them at Kahoots. It’s a slow, ponderous puzzle game – no twitch reflexes needed until later levels, when we add the countdown clock and things get tricky.

      i would LOVE to have you and the whole famn damily in the beta. You’re the target demographic of the try-and-buy online portals where the game will end up. i’d love to hear the young people confirm my fears that the game is deadly boring and needs more explosions.

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