Kahoots to be Offered in Esperanto

NEWSFLASH: Toronto indie game studio Untold Entertainment Inc. announces today that is newest game Kahoots™ will be translated into seven different languages, including Esperanto.

Kahoots™ in Esperanto

(he’s talking funny-talk)

“It was a good fit” says Ryan Henson Creighton, studio founder. “i mean, Kahoots takes place in a fake version of England. Why not present it in a fake language?” Added Creighton, “It was either that, or Ewok.”

Members of the Esperanto community have not been available for comment, because we were unable to locate either of them.

Kahoots™, Untold Entertainment’s fun crime-themed puzzle game, is slated to launch in Q2 2009.

14 thoughts on “Kahoots to be Offered in Esperanto

  1. russ

    Doma?e, ke nur estas ?erco (kaj ke la ekzempla teksto en la bildo de la ludo estas tute fu?a).
    Vi ne sufi?e diligente ser?is realajn Esperantistojn por la projekto… Ekzistas aliaj komputilaj ludoj kun fasadoj en Esperanto, do la ideo ne tiel ridindas, kiel vi ver?ajne pensas!

    1. Ryan

      Alright – i’ve reached the limits of what an online translator can do for me. Are you asking why my blog doesn’t handle unicode?

  2. jcreed

    russ: “Domagxe…” =
    “Unfortunately, it’s only a joke (and the example text in the screenshot is completely screwed up) You didn’t look hard enough for Esperantists for the project… there are other computer games with interfaces in esperanto, so the idea isn’t as ridiculous as you probably think!”

    and yes,

    russ: “Mi rimarkas, ke via retejo fu?e mistraktas Unikodon. :(” =
    “I notice that the website screws up unicode”

    (for esperanto uses c, h, s, g, j with circumflex accents and u with breve — contrary to the beliefs of the translators of Kahoots (which nonetheless looks like an awfully cute game and I’d like to try it) who seemed to add other diacritics willy-nilly)

  3. Nik

    Looks like the screenshot used an automatic translator; I hope the real game’s not like that. I’d play any game just because it’s in Esperanto, but if I can’t understand what they’re trying to say because the game makers didn’t bother finding someone who actually speaks the language to do the translation (which is far easier than you think it is), then it sort of defeats the point.

  4. Clayton

    Russ wrote: “Too bad it’s only a joke (and that the example text in the screenshot in completely messed up). You didn’t look hard enough for real Esperanto speakers to help you. There are other computer games with interfaces in Esperanto, so the idea isn’t as ridiculous as you probably think!”

    “I notice your web site screws up Unicode.”

  5. Ryan

    Yes – caught red-handed. It was only an April Fool’s Day joke, and i DID use a crummy automatic translator, but damn – if Esperanto speakers would enjoy playing the game in that language, i’d love for someone to translate the game into Esperanto. There may even be more Esperanto speakers out there than Linux users … :)

    Anyway, i don’t know if i’d spend money on it, but if someone wants to donate a translation, please let me know.

  6. Steven BREWER

    It would be great to have another game that uses Esperanto — I’d certainly check it out. There may well be more Esperanto speakers than linux users (except to the extent that a lot of people who use linux (ie, look at webpages served by a linux box) don’t know it. :-)

    1. Ryan

      Alright, Steve – thanks for your input. i’d like to hear from the Klingon community before i make my decision.

  7. Nokto

    In the USA
    Espereranto edition would be sweet. As my handle is in esperanto if you notice.
    Make selectable languages including Esperanto for the upcoming iPhone edition.
    Oh ya, when is that coming?
    Age of Zombies has just been released. You guys are now due.
    Where is it? I want it. Port the game already.
    A Halloween release would be very cool.


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