Untold Entertainment Announces ‘Kahoots™’, By Jove!


Canadian game studio strives for something different

TORONTO, ON – March 17 2009 – Untold Entertainment Inc., a Canadian game studio specializing in online casual games for kids, happily announces the development of Kahoots™. Kahoots™ is a challenging game of nonsensical crime and silly intrigue, modelled entirely from plasticine.

The game is set in Londonton, a fictional and foolish vision of London England. Drawing its inspiration from British board games like Cluedo (AKA “Clue”), and absurdly humorous series like Monty Python’s Flying Circus and The League of Gentlemen, Kahoots™ immerses the player in sepia-tinged Edwardian (fake) England at the height of a crime wave. As Spotland Pond’s newest detective, the player must track down cabals of criminals, all in pursuit of the evil mastermind behind their reign of (mostly harmless) terror.

Untold Entertainment's Kahoots™ In Development: Spotland Pond HQ

A benevolent hand adjusts the Captain in the Spotland Pond HQ set

A Very Hands-On Approach

Kahoots™ is being modelled from top to bottom in plasticine. Every character, set and prop is lovingly (and squishingly) hand-crafted by the team at Untold Entertainment. The world of Londonton is being brought to life through careful photography and digital image manipulation, resulting in a seamless (but smudgy) game experience. The creators hope that the game’s clay graphics will set it apart in the unfaltering flood of casual game titles. Kahoots™ is set to launch online and on the iPhone and iPod Touch in Q2 2009.

About Untold Entertainment Inc.

Untold Entertainment is a fresh new venture formed by Toronto’s leading casual kids’ game experts. Primarily an interactive service shop catering to kids’ television production studios, Untold Entertainment is thrilled to be embarking on its first original casual game title with Kahoots™. Untold Entertainment privately owned, proudly Canadian, and seeking distribution partnership for its wonderful and wholly-owned IP, including Kahoots™. The company is also seeking strategic partnership with an equally energetic television production team.

To follow the Kahoots™ developer diary, or to learn about Unold Entertainment’s interactive services, visit http://www.untoldentertainment.com.


Worldwide Media Contact:

Ryan Henson Creighton
(416) 944-8290 x5281
info *at* untoldentertainment *dot* com


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6 thoughts on “Untold Entertainment Announces ‘Kahoots™’, By Jove!

  1. Ryan

    Thanks, Rob! It’s funny you say that. i’m here at IN09 and Pingu’s come up a few times. Everyone here wants to know who’s producing the Kahoots teevee show. (Answer: no one yet! Email info at untoldentertainment dot com :)

  2. Rob Segal

    It was the brainchild of Matt and Nick Coombe. Two artists I have had the pleasure of worked with for several years. This was one of their latest incarnations for “Love & Hate”. A game we put together for the global game jam and are continuing to work on. My gravatar is a close up on one of the characters they put together. Check out our newly founded website for the full scoop (http://www.teamawesomo.com/). You will recall Matt as the guy at TO Jam #3 with the huge 30″ monitor. Nick was sitting right beside him.

  3. Ryan

    Looks GREAT! Shades of Fat Princess – did you hear of that one? A capture the flag game on PSN where the “flag” is actually a princess. One team tries to kidnap her, while the other team feeds her food, which makes her heavier and harder to kidnap. Needless to say, there’s been a bit of – ahem – spirited press about that game.

    Man – if i made Love & Hate, it’d basically be autobiographical. A non-stop eating monster who gets fatter and slower as time flies by …


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