Ontario Soups Up the Money Truck

The OMDC (Ontario Media Disco Cavaliers) have just announced this year’s two Interactive Digital Media Fund funding rounds. New this year is a broadened provision for fee-for-service projects between digital and traditional media (ie a website based on a movie, or a cell phone game based on a magazine … ugh), and a new level cap of $150k. There’s also a new area to explore: the Steamy Hollow, where many of the approved projects will end up, and a special Magical Disco Dance Routine, which i’m told a paid staff member at the OMDC will demonstrate when you drop off your application in May (be sure to specifically request this).

Money Truck

If you look closely, you’ll see an extra $50k tucked behind the mud flaps.

The great thing about these funds is that they are non-repayable. The trick is that they are matched – if you get $150k, you have to put in $150k. And the alluring thing about these funds is that they appear to be free money. i used to be a little gun-shy about these funds, because it kinda felt like cheating. i didn’t like the idea of running a business that subsists solely on goverment assistance – essentially a government-funded welfare company. What fun is that?

Soup Line

Heads of Ontario digital media companies line up for their “investor meeting”

But go back through your tax returns and add up those income tax numbers. As a friend of mine put it, “it’s your money.” Good point. Better that i should get funded, and deprive the world of a new Anne of Green Gables: The Interactive Experience website.

Or … perhaps i will license the books and submit an Anne of Green Gables: The Interactive Experience website? Oo-er. You could run around collecting flowers and name-dropping historical Prince Edward Island towns. And across the bottom of the screen, i could run a scrolling marquee that says “Paid for with YOUR tax dollars during an economic crisis”.

Alright, everyone. That idea is now copyrighted. Time to start on our application.


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