The IN Crowd

It snuck up on us a little bit, but we’ll be at IN09, the interactive ontario conference of media-minded minglers. IN, which stands for “Interactive Nonsense” (i think), is the new moniker for the conference formerly known as ICE. ICE was renamed to distance it from the negative connotations stemming from the street name for crystal meth, but mostly at the request of this guy:

Vanilla Ice

He’s throwing up gang signs. i’m just throwing up.

IN09 is strangely scheduled a few short days before GDC 09, the Game Developers Conference, which we’ll also be attending. i was at ICE last year as a pinch hitter for an absentee panelist, but i did get to catch one or two other panels. Unforunately, they were filled with people recycling their material from GDC. Regardless of which conference comes first, it looks like either way, there will be spoilers.

The Long Con

The interactive ontario conference is spectacularly badly timed for us, as it shortens our development time on codename: Fingerprints by nearly a week. We are already modelling, photographing and coding up a storm in anticipation of GDC. But the digital media industry in Canada, and especially here in Toronto, is so small that it would be foolhardy to miss the local conference. It would be like belonging to a tight-knit family of inbred mountain folk, and missing the reunion.


The DigiTwins, pictured above, just received a substantial amount of government funding for their upcoming 7 1/2 episode teevee series and accompanying “vidja game”

If you want to get together over a jug of moonshine at the event, send me an email.

4 thoughts on “The IN Crowd

  1. Ryan

    You’re only a shade away from kidding – Lucie, Gavin and Adam all have the same hairdo, so i doubt could pick them out of a lineup from behind (and from the neck up).

  2. Ian Kelso

    Sorry Ryan, we have always held our conference (whatever its moniker) in the last week or so of March. As you know, GDC switched their dates radically in the last couple of years. It was the 17th to 22nd of February last year. We have to stage the conference before March 31st since two of our funders require us to wrap up and report by the end of their fiscal year…which leaves about one whole week to submit everything when the show is over. Next year though, we are hoping to skip the spring entirely and stage the thing in early fall when there is less craziness on the schedule.

    BTW, can you please send my Vanilla Ice DVD collection by FedEx before Friday? I need them for my 5th cousin Billy-Ray’s annual 30th birthday party.

  3. Ryan

    Glad to hear i’m not the only one with a full schedule for the next little while. (How do you get your docs in on time and still take on GDC? i smell underlings … )

    SXSW is this week. i pity the fool who tries to do all three shows. i also pity the fool whose corporate blog subsists solely of outdated Mr. T and Vanilla Ice references.

    Anyway – looking forward to stopping, collaborating and listening with you next week at IN09.


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