Feast Your Eyes on Fingerprints

We’re full steam ahead on our next game, codename: Fingerprints. The game is not actually called “Codename: Fingerprints”. You see – it’s a game, and it has a real name, and the codename is Fingerprints. We can’t reveal what the game’s actual name is (note: it is NOT “Codename: Fingerprints”), but we CAN share with you this tantalizing taste to tickle whet your gamelust:

fingerprints teaser

Let’s see … what more can we say? Fingerprints is a puzzle game (but NOT a Match-3 game) with multiple modes and variations. It’s being built in plasticine, as you can see.

The game will be released for the browser in Flash initially. Then we’re porting it to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Click the fingerprints tag to keep up with progress on the game, or for the ultra secret inside track, follow our tweetage on Twitter. We’ll be announcing our alpha test phase soon, and you won’t want to miss it!

6 thoughts on “Feast Your Eyes on Fingerprints

  1. Ryan

    Heh – yeah! i’m not an old man, but Twitter makes me feel like one. i can’t quite grasp the appeal. i’ll come right out and admit that i’ll be using it as a marketing tool for the company.

    i just don’t understand the type of reader who gets off on this:

    brushed my teeth. have plaque.
    5 seconds ago

  2. Ryan

    Oh geez. i’ve grossly misunderstood the desires of my readership.

    Seriously … i feel like i’ve joined the freemasons or something. Y’all are creeping me the Hell out.

  3. Colm

    Yeah Twitter’s appeal & usefulness is difficult to explain and hard to see at first. I couldn’t see the point at all to begin with. Go ahead and use it for marketing purposes (it’s a fantastic tool for notifying people about new blog posts, new game releases, etc) but in the meantime follow people who look like they are talking about interesting things. At some point you’ll suddenly find that your twitter home page is FULL of interesting stuff!
    Also go to search.twitter.com and put in anything, say ‘untoldent’, and add that feed to your feedreader.


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