Get Rich Slow

The crew at AppCubby has posted another excellent entry, titled The Experiment, where they agonize over the state of the iPhone App Store. The company dropped the price of their application to the supposedly mandated 99 cent mark, and compared total sales against revenue, concluding:

I was starting to think the $0.99 price point might actually be sustainable given the increase in volume … [but] it quickly became apparent that the $0.99 price point wasn’t going to work long term. The harsh reality is that very few apps can “make it up on volume”.

This piece is far less ranty than their other posts, which featured a lot of fist-shaking at God/Jobs and impotent fuming over why Apple wasn’t mailing them thousand dollar checks every day.

Droopy Dog

App Cubby watches its iPhone millionaire prospects fizzle.

Faced with banging out cheap and dirty fart soundboards and other unsavoury apps of limited utility, the developer courageously decides to charge what he feels his products are worth, and ignore the Klondike-style race to an overnight iPhone fortune.

i hope that this novel concept of earning money for hard work and earnest, quality development catches on. Meanwhile, for the month of March, please look forward to 99 cent sale price for Untold Entertainment’s JiggleTits 2.0.

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