A Histogram of Violence

The ‘Ceeb is talking about a study that suggests gore does not make video games more enjoyable:


In the case of THIS GUY (points at self with thumbs), excessive gore actually deterred a purchase of Fallout 3, the ultra-bloody sequel to a pair of games i rather enjoyed back in the day, which were free of slow-motion exploding limbs and the opportunity to play as Jeffrey Dahmer.

During the study, researchers used two Half-Life 2 mods: one with heavy gore-porn enemy explosions, and one where foes are telekinetically floated into the air and “de-rezzed”, Tron-style. Most respondents did not rate the violent version of the game as being more enjoyable than the less-violent version. (i say “less violent”, because let’s face it: i would neither want to be exploded nor dissipated into the ether, thank you kindly)

The article goes on to say:

Still, violent content was preferred, though not enjoyed more, by a small subgroup of people who scored high in aggression traits.

This hints at what i’ve been suspecting, and to what large AAA console developers are now responding: GORE is ADORED by a MINORity. This very vocal, very abrasive minority is presently flooding online message boards lamenting the “death of hardcore”, and complaining about games that are built for moms and dogs to enjoy. This is the same minority who aggressively snap to the defense of video games, whenever researchers suggest that games lead to aggression. Irony, anyone?

Iron E

Picture puns rock my socks off.

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