Game Over, Man – Game Over!


MTV Multiplayer has an article where they talk about how Sigourney Weaver passed on voicing Ripley for some upcoming Aliens games. Her reasoning was twofold:

1) The designers’ Ripley was out of character, swearing like a sailor and shooting up sick people and human marines (in addition to the expected alien fodder)

2) The developer had previously been involved with a game she called Redneck, where you “shoot animals.” She likely meant Redneck Rampage.

Redneck Rampage

Redneck Rampage. A class act all the way.

i was recently interviewed by local news (an event i can’t seem to stop yammering about), and said in the unaired portion of the interview that the overboard, extreme content in gaming will likely calm down once more women, older people and (hopefully) kids from younger generations have their shot at making games. And in a recent post about Fallout 3, i lamented the fact that very few people were calling game devs out on content that was “not okay”.

Well, karma’s a bitch. Here’s a 59-year-old woman taking a stand against what she feels is overboard game content – content that misses the marks of artistry and quality by a country mile. And it’s not just another crazy lawyer from Florida or paranoid hockey mom making the call. i imagine Sigourney Weaver holds a lot of sway over the profitability of these Aliens games. i for one dislike playing cover songs in rhythm games, and movie-based games starring soundalike actors.

Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow, as voiced by that guy who does helicopter noises in the Police Academy movies.

If you appear in a video on YouTube snorting lines of coke off a stripper’s jubblies, it may be difficult for you to have a successful career in politics later on. Similarly, if you’re planning on making a lifetime career out of this game development thing, you might want to give careful thought to the content decisions you make early on. Sigourney Weaver could come back to bite you.

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