Train Track!

We were approached by Sinking Ship Entertainment to create an eye-spy game for their kids’ travel teevee show Are We There Yet? World Adventure.

Train Track is meant to invoke the feeling of playing a fun game en route to some exciting locale. Players look out the train window trying to spot scenery that fits into a certain category: things that are blue, things that are buildings, etc. The Sinking Ship team made a tough call on the horses and camels, deciding that they were strictly animals and not vehicles. Since the game targets young children, we decided not to make it as meta as it could have been!

2 thoughts on “Train Track!

  1. Ryan

    No – this is one of the last games we created in AS2 before making the switch over to AS3 earlier this year. Quick little games like Train Track come together MUCH faster in AS2. Sometimes i wish we could go back.


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