Words We Have Invented

We invent words. It’s important to me that we get credit once these words become commonly used. That’s why i’m keeping this list of words that we’ve coined, so that any etymological research turns up our names, and maybe there will be some kind of word royalty cheque mailed out to us.

Words that Ryan Henson Creighton Has Invented

gothtivist – This is someone who wears black clothes, metal studs, has died black (or red/green/blue hair), and Frankenstein platform shoes – generally, borrowing liberally from the goth and punk scenes of yesteryear – who is also a vegan, an environmentalist, a political activist, or is engaged in some other form of niche organized protest.

Jen Krebsz of Sick on Sin

Our friend Jen Krebsz makes t-shirts for the gothtivist crowd at Sick on Sin

nerdiquette – Nerd ediquette. Usage: Spoiling the finale of Battlestar Galactica just to make a point about the anthropolocial audacity in the last episode is bad nerdiquette.

Words that Cheryl Creighton Has Invented

copsicle – a police officer on a bike.

Words that Mark Duiker Has Invented

plumber’s chin – a dramatically cleft chin.
svest – a sweater vest

2 thoughts on “Words We Have Invented

  1. Ryan

    i was worried no one would understand that one – hence the lengthy description and picture. My bro-in-law and his ladyfriend don’t like the term, but i’ve spoken to a few other gothtivists and they find it fitting. To Urban Dictionary i go!


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