The Nara Tree

The Nara Tree is a collecting and trading game, and the central activity on the Earth Rangers kids’ site. Untold Entertainment handled the game design and interface design for the project.

The Nara Tree

The Nara Tree at

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Earth Rangers members use secret codes to collect Naks, sticker-like assets that they can store inside an Album. If players have enough Mana, they can display their Naks in their Nest, with a control suite to scale, rotate, flip, move and re-order the Naks any way they wish.

Players earn extra Mana by logging Deeds – real-world actions that impact the environment.

Nara Tree Deeds

Players’ real-world actions affect the game

Naks can be distributed anywhere a secret code can be printed: within the body copy of the website, on product packaging, on television, and in news and print media. An early test saw Earth Rangers printing Nak codes on trading cards that they distributed during their touring school program.

The Nara Tree is currently in its first of many production phases, and some great features that we helped to design are still in the queue. This is definitely a project to watch!

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