Pimp My Game Part 1: Armor Games

i’m taking Two by Two from the Untold Entertainment library to see how various online monetization methods for Flash games pan out.

Part 1: Armor Games
Part 2: Kongregate
Part 3: MochiAds
………./\……….Update: MindJolt

Addicting Games

Part 1: Armor Games

Pimp My GameArmor Games is a Flash portal that will sponsor games on a case-by-case basis, with a game’s worth being determined by the site’s moderators. The site owners appear to be very efficient at pimping out games themselves; the Armor Games splash screen seems to pop up in every conceivable corner of the Internatz.

Rejected by Armor Games

Not a good start.

Pimping Technique

To get the ball rolling with Armor Games, i visited the Sponsorship section of their site, where the site operators invited me to send an email to Sponsorship {at} ArmorGames.com.

So away i went, and sent them the following message:

Hello. i am interested in a sponsorship for my puzzle game, Two by Two. Please let me know what you think.



– Ryan

Within 48 hours, i received this response:

re: Game appraisal: Two by Two

It’s very fun and creative but extremely short.

Thanks for sending it to us though.

[name omitted, lest millions of Untold Entertainment supporters swarm the Armor Games site with pitchforks and frowny faces]

So there you have it! The game was not up to snuff for Armor Games’ standards … which may actually affirm your faith in Armor Games.

The Rundown

time spent: 5 minutes
result: utter failure
cash earned: $0.00

The Graph

Let’s take another look at our graph and see how much money the game is earning, shall we?

Money earned by Two by Two

A watched kettle never boils.

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