Ankama Lanches Eye-Popping Wakfu Beta

The first art book released by French MMORPG team Ankama has been a staple in our collection since we were lucky enough to snag one at E3 a few years ago. According to Worlds in, Ankama has launched their closed beta for Wakfu, the follow-up to Dofus.

Due to my addictive personality, i’ve avoided the more “hooky” or “hardcore” MMOs, and have likely saved a lot of pennies over the past few years. But when Wakfu is released, regardless of whether it’s even a good game or not, i may shell a few coppers for a chance to stare, goggle-eyed, at their horribly gorgeous artwork:

Wakfu Screenshot

Wakfu Screenshot

Be sure to visit the Wakfu site for full-screen shots that will make you weep!

3 thoughts on “Ankama Lanches Eye-Popping Wakfu Beta

  1. Mark

    Yeah, those environmental artists are INCREDIBLE and have definitely stepped up the visuals a notch from dofus. Something to aspire towards for sure!

    The dude who is doing all the major character art is very talented as well but seems to drift off into drawing preteen girls instead of pushing his art further. Some nice flash games though! Check out his site at

  2. Ryan

    It’s a little like what they say about a dog who can … er … “clean” himself. If i could draw girls like that, i might spend the whole day doing it too!

    i really like looking at sketches like the ones on his site. It can be really intimidating looking at a polished piece of art, but when you see all the construction lines and the underpainting, it becomes a little less terrifying,


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