Jonesin’ for Indie-ana

The Toronto Indie game dev scene steps out next Friday June 6th for the TOJam Arcade. The event wil host the 37 games that were created a few weeks back at the third annual TOJam.


The TOJam Arcade: for f*ck’s sake, bring your PowerGlove

i don’t want to spoil all the suprises, but here’s a sampling of the unbridled joys in store for you on that fateful day:

  • smack pirates around with a dead fish using the Rock Band drum peripheral
  • pit two mice with rocket launchers against a column of cheese nuggets
  • flail around the office as a grotesquely disjointed desk jobber who’s abandoned all hope
  • murder slices of Swiss by throwing them against the wall, and lay them in their final crackery resting places
  • abuse the limits of one game’s physics to achieve a “goatality”
  • survive twenty seconds in a room full of zombies before finally finding an uzi
  • mash the keyboard to survive an insect uprising
  • randomly click the mouse buttons and shriek with delight

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