Mos’ Deaf

The Canadian Deaf Culture Centre partnered with Untold Entertainment to create a game to educate their website visitors on famous Deaf Canadians. The DCC decided to repurpose our jigsaw puzzle engine with a few custom gameplay modifications.

Mos' Deaf

Players choose a notable Deaf Canadian from the image gallery and select a difficulty level. As they assemble the puzzle, various facts and details from the figure’s life appear at the top of the screen. When players complete the puzzle, the famous person’s name appears below his or her image.

With Mos’ Deaf, our jigsaw puzzle engine gained much-needed zoom and pan controls to give players even more control over the puzzle.

“Mos’ Deaf” is a play on the urban shorthand for “most definitely”. The game’s visual skin took a cue from the phrase’s origin, using a graffiti and brick wall motif to appeal to the game’s high-school aged demographic; the Deaf Culture Centre primarily hosts high school classes in its real-world gallery.

Play Mos’ Deaf in English and French at the Deaf Culture Centre website.

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