CNMA Confession


Pursuant to my recent shocking exposé of the Canadian New Media “Awards”, i received this scathing indictment detailing how the awards are used solely for personal gain right from the self-congratulatory horse’s mouth, the CNMA newsletter:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Make a CNMA Submission:

* Get recognition and gain national exposure in front of the industry leaders and decision-markers.
* Expand your professional connections & network.
* Extensive national & international promotion.

Take advantage of our Early Bird prices and receive a discount on all nominations received before April 20th at 5pm EST.

Read carefully: that’s not a list of perks for award nominees. That’s a list of perks for award nominators.

i’m glad the CNMA organizers composed this list. It wouldn’t have naturally sprung to mind that i could pay $150 to nominate someone for an award to make myself look good.

Why don’t we just skip the middle man, and i’ll just cut you a cheque for one of your statues? Don’t worry about whose name and project are engraved on it – i’ll think of something.

And here’s a reminder to my readers to send me your hand-crafted, doodled, or macaroni-noodled award for Best Whatever for Untold Entertainment Inc., so that we can join the ranks of other Canadian companies who don’t necessarily deserve the recognition.

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