AS3 Pitfalls: Keyboard Not Responding


When i test my movie, it doesn’t respond to all of the keyboard key presses. Only some keys register.


Certain text characters do not show up in my Input text field when i type them, even though my font outlines are embedded.


In the Test Movie window (NOT the Flash IDE window), click on Control>Disable Keyboard Shortcuts.

This problem is not an AS3 problem. It’s a Flash thing, and it gets me every single time i upgrade to a new version of the software. Since i only upgrade every few years, i always forget about this and i have to scour the Internetz like a dope looking for the solution. Perhaps you can relate? :)

It would be wiser for Adobe to disable keyboard shortcuts by default. If you have the time and energy to do it, and if this problem wasted enough of your time, consider firing them an email or putting the suggestion on their Wishlist.

3 thoughts on “AS3 Pitfalls: Keyboard Not Responding

  1. ShahSoft

    I was having same problem. I figured that Keys will work if Run from StandAlone Flash Player but not from IDE. But it was really troubleSome. At 1st I thought may be my Code is bad!. Thanks for the Tip!

  2. Levi

    this works for me in a .swf file, and a .exe file, but for some reason, it doesn’t work in Google Chrome. Does anyone know the problem?


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