Hello to everyone at ICE 08!

i’ve been asked to speak at ICE 08 as a last-minute replacement. ICE, or Interactive Content Exchange, is Interactive Ontario’s major annual event. The conference draws broadcast, mobile, online and console delegates from as far away as Sudbury.

ICE is also an acronym for the International Congress of Entomology, and a trade show for the gambling industry. So if you lose your house in a business deal or you feel something unpleasant crawling up your leg, you may still be at the right conference. *drum fill*


If this guy asks you to sign some kind of contract, just do it.

If you came to the site from the conference and clicked on the Blog Monster, you most likely want to see what we’re all about. Our Games gallery is slim pickins these days, because all the interesting development is going on behind the scenes:

We’re creating five games for a Canadian kids’ teevee production company. The site will launch this summer.

We’re building two games that will be accessible to both deaf and blind players (that is to say, players with one disability or the other … Helen Keller would have a bit of trouble).

Additionally, we have been invited by two different companies to create two massively multiplayer online game demos. One of these companies wrote the book on the genre. We are extremely excited to be working with them!

If you’re here in the midst of a boring panel (hopefully not the one i’m on), here are a few Untold Entertainment articles for your interest:

The Democratization of Game Development

voting button

This year’s trend at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco was the sit back, relax, and let your players build the game for you. i approve.

Prince of Persia, Prince of Peace

Calvary Invaders

A mercifully brief jog through the history of Christian video games, and why i’m thankful that Jesus forgives.

Ryan Creighton on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

The Agenda Logo

Steve grills me on gaming for the elderly, mass market video games and how EA’s Rock Band will save the music industry.

Kids Eagerly Await Nickelodeon’s Next Shipment of Ass

ESRB Mature Tomfoolery

How a supposedly legitimate children’s broadcaster shovels schlock to its young audience, right under parents’ noses.

Canadian Game Journalism: Not Worth It

Ronald McWho?

A serious number-crunching leads to the conclusion that Canadian game journalism rivals a McJob.

Video Games Teach Kids to Gamble

video game gambling

Twenty hours into every Pokémon game, the (likely) pre-teen player walks into a full-fledged casino. At a time when bashing video games is en vogue, this topic is conspicuously missing its fair share of outrage.

5 thoughts on “Hello to everyone at ICE 08!

  1. Ryan

    It was my first panel, and i was a little intimidated by the other speakers. The room was about half full, but most folks were sitting at the back of the room behind the searing haze of the lights, so it was very difficult to gauge audience reaction.

    i am my own worst critic, so i’ll say that as one of the least experienced panelists, i talked way too much. i had just come out of another panel next door and it bored me to tears, so i was trying to speak with a lot of energy and to sow a little controversy to keep things interesting, but it felt like a wasted effort. The panel topic (Mass Market Gaming) was very broad and very vague, so it was difficult to make it engaging.

    i don’t know if the audience got anything out of it. Maybe i’m too much of an insider, but the whole exercise felt like five people up on stage saying “sky is blue” and “fire is hot.”

  2. Jessica

    hey man–wish i would’ve been able to see your panel… the one i ended up going to instead wasn’t all that great.

    nice seeing you there though!

  3. Ryan

    Yeah -that was a blast! i knew way more people there than i thought i would. Sorry for not sticking around to hang out, but i worry i’ve bitten off more that i can chew here and projects are keeping me stupid-busy.

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