The Paikin Bump

i am now convinced that there is no better way to boost your street cred with the 75-102 demographic than to appear on The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Regard:

The Paikin Bump

Steve Paikin: singlehandedly doubling both my site traffic and my lustful desire

4 thoughts on “The Paikin Bump

  1. Ryan

    Thanks, Crawf! Wow – all the young closet Agenda viewers i know are coming out of the woodwork!

    i still have the script for Scramble the Airwaves! i take it out every once in a while and entertain the notion of finishing the game and surprising you, because i actually have the skillz now to do it. Unfortunately, a) it’s a bloody huge project and b) it was written by a high school kid. Still, part of me wants to do right by that high school kid.

    At the very least, i’ll probably post the game design document here some day soon.


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