Ryan Creighton on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

i was interviewed last night on TeeVee Ontario’s serious current events show, The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Tony Walsh over at Phantom Compass recommended me for the gig. i couldn’t understand why he’d pass up the chance to sound interesting and plug his new start-up. Then i watched the show.

Freak-out time: it’s for old people. i don’t mean 30-year-olds, either, who used to be the epitome of old until i turned 30. i’m talking bona fide grey-hairs. Their sponsor is a company offering car insurance to the elderly. On Monday’s show, Steve was interviewing a very stodgy, well-spoken author and military man in Washington who wrote a book on the Iraq war. My heart sunk deeper and deeper into my chest as i fast-forwarded through the show. How was i supposed to follow this? It’s like hiring a clown at a funeral.

In the end, it didn’t go too badly. i couldn’t name the game industry’s third largest publisher, and i inadvertently told the host he looks like a troll.

Steve Paikin

Steve Paikin. A rather attractive man, actually.

i also acted like an anti-semetic Jew the way i bashed Nintendo, calling the majority of the Wii library “garbage”. i actually quite like Nintendo (and Jewish people, for that matter – no emails please). Still, there’s no denying that Nintendo’s game consoles constantly disappoint when it comes to third-party software support. You just have to pop over to Metacritic’s Wii section to see a list of yellow and red review scores ranging from “mediocre” to “horrible”, along with a long list of games that were too insignificant to review.

Metacritic Wii Scores

Whither thou, Jenga World Tour?

Anyway, here’s the interview:


For the fashion conscious, wearing jeans on Paikin’s show is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

We talked about gaming for the elderly, about the big business of electronic entertainment, and about how Guitar Hero and Rock Band could save the music industry. At the end of the interview, Steve asked what my favourite game was, and the supressed geek inside of me proved impossible to reign in.

7 thoughts on “Ryan Creighton on The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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  2. Anjali

    Great show with Paikin. I don’t recall you inadvertently calling him a troll … though, I laughed heartily when I read about it in your blog. Bravo, Rye!

    We sat next to him a musical we saw this winter … Sweeney Todd. Lawd, I can’t stand musicals. And apparently, neither can he as he spent the duration of the evening on his Blackberry.

  3. Ryan

    Thanks, Anjali! You see what you’re missing in Australia?

    It was when we were talking about “virtual reality”, and i said that games will become ingrained in “real life” so that we experience them outside the computer. i said that might get a little scary when, in the game, i am a troll hunter, and you (Paikin) look like a troll. i was talking about the idea of games (actually, physically) taking over our brains and our eyeballs so that they distort our sense of reality – a little like Total Recall (GIVE THESE PEOPLE THEY AIYA!! <- Arnie) i once watched Les Mis in a theatre near Christopher Lloyd. My performing arts class mobbed him at intermission, so he and his wife (Canadian mistress?) took off as soon as the curtain call began. Great Scott!

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  5. Ryan

    Thanks man! That’s two comments in one night. Are you stalking my blog? :)

    i helped out NOW Magazine for an article on Guitar Hero/ Rock Band, which comes out tomorrow (Thursday April 3). Check it out!


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