To the Victor, the Eyeballs

Massively’s Tateru Nino has succinctly spelled out why mainstream media plays dirty pool in its coverage of “new” media in Why mainstream media hates the Internet, games, MMOs and you:

Games and the Internet are ultimately perceived as a threat to mainstream media’s long-term profits and marketshare. Mainstream media doesn’t want you spending hours meeting friends and doing business in Second Life – they want you spending hours drooling at this season’s ‘reality’ TV shows.

i used to work for Canadian Big Media, where the reluctance to dive whole-hog into online ventures was palpable. The company was run by an old boys’ club of former teevee ad execs. i could daily hear the screams of the employees trapped in steerage class in the hull of the Good Ship Television, torn open leagues back by the Internet iceberg, and already on its rapid decline to a dark and watery grave. And there they were, the old media captains, proudly and pig-headedly manning Good Ship Television’s bridge, clinging to the metal carcass as it sank.

And the band played hail to the chief!

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