Toronto Flash/Web Job Postings

Here are a few Toronto Flash and web-related job links for anyone on the prowl:

CBC Kids

CBC Kids

CBC Radio Canada asks “Do you have a passion for medias?”:

Children’s and Youth Area Web Head (French New Media) manages to work “sugar-tits” into this job posting:

Internship – Web Design @

teehan + lax

teehan + lax: now with 30% more fibre!

teehan + lax (which i remember drinking last time i was bunged up) tried to get more bang for their buck with this kitchen sink posting:

teehan + lax needs to staff their entire studio


zinc roe design

Zinc Roe needs a rich media developer. We spoke briefly with the company head, Jason Krogh, last month. He has a great reputation in the industry for being a nice guy who does good work:

Zinc Roe is hiring

i also know of a London Ontario-area console game development shop looking for a TD at $90k, with at least a couple of console titles under his/her belt (preferably DS or PSP). If you fit the bill, drop us a line at info at untoldentertainment dot com.

As usual, we can’t personally vouch for any of these companies. Have you worked in any of these shops? Leave a comment and share your experiences – good, bad and ugly!

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