The Hardest Video Game Quiz Evar

At one of their monthly meetings, the Toronto Flash User Group (FlashInTO) invited speakers to try a new presentation style straight outta Japan called Pecha Kucha. i didn’t know what i was going to present, but i did know i wanted to try the style: 20 slides at 20 seconds apiece. No more, no less.

[SWF], 550, 400[/SWF]

The result was the Hardest Video Game Quiz Evar, a punny visual puzzle where images formed clues to video game titles. i burned through a bunch of these at the presentation and had the audience members shout out the answers. i tried to use the presentation as a teaser, enticing the audience to visit our new website to try an additional dozen or so puzzles.

Donkey Kong

Don King + Key + Viet Cong = Donkey Kong

The game worked far better as a group activity than a single-player game. A few weeks after the presentation, i found a similar quiz with music as the topic, and i didn’t enjoy it. Part of the problem is how unforgiving the puzzles are – you either get it, or you don’t.

ToeJam & Earl

Toe Jam & Earl

When similar puzzles were passed around at work, a group of us would try to one-up each other to get the best score, but eventually we’d keep chipping away at them, giving each other hints until they were solved. That’s when picture quizzes are at their best: when you have friends nearby to ridicule, brag at, and crib from.

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