CGTV Games Needs a Narc

Here are some game-related jobs that caught my eye today:

Gambling is a drug

Gambling is a drug!

CGTV Games in Vancouver is hiring an Internet gaming cop to root out people who cheat at their virtual casino tables.

Groove Games is in Toronto's distillery district

Gaming is a drug!

For those of you looking to get your foot in the door in the gaming industry, here’s a rare Toronto tester position with Groove Games.

Facebook = heroin!

Facebook is a … well, let’s just say it’s safer to start up a heroin habit.

Email colin at if you want some work creating Flash mini-games for the Facebook Platform.

2 thoughts on “CGTV Games Needs a Narc

  1. Laura B

    mmmm, face crack.

    I’m surprised about these jobs…who knew that there was a way to cheat at online gambling!

    Are there a lot of postings in the industry looking for flash game developers?

  2. Ryan

    The Flash market is very hot right now, and apparently has been for at least a year and a half. The companies i’ve met with have hard a hard time filling their Flash positions due to an apparent scarcity of resources (or an unwillingness to accept the terms of employment!).

    i’m on the advisory board of a few different local colleges. Whenever they talk about their game design programs, they try to impress people by showing student pieces produced with Unreal Engine. Very few schools have a signnificant Flash component, and i’m not sure those who do are adequately preparing students to use the tool (one token introductory Flash course, for example, is not enough).

    Here’s what i constantly tell the colleges, my colleagues, and anyone else who will listen: it may not be harcore M-rated first-person shooter sexy, but FLASH IS FOOD. If you teach someone Flash, you’re teaching him how to EAT.

    There’s a LOT of Flash work to go around, and very small resource pool capable of completing it. i guess it just means that existing Flash developers will eat very well until the colleges play catch-up.


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