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Sony CES Highlights: Rolly

i checked out the Sony Consumer Electronics show this afternoon. The big press show was on Thursday. This event seemed like more of a bid for Sony to show Joe Public that they’ve purchased and renamed the Sony Centre …. formerly the Hummingbird Centre … formerly the O’Keefe Centre … formerly a large empty field where cows liked to romp and moo.

Announced in Japan today but not available to us unrefined North Americans is the Rolly, an MP3 player shaped like a thermal detonator that dances while playing music. As the suppository-shaped device gyrated ly, proclaiming that its “hips don’t lie,” the crowd stood mystified, wondering why anyone would buy it.

“Where’re you s’posed to use that thingy?” asked one guy in the gathering crowd. The demo jockey said “You can have this in your home, or at your cottage … or in your chalet.”

IN YOUR CHALET. You can purchase the Sony Rolly for your chalet.

i don’t know what this guy was thinking. My only explanation is that Swiss Chalet is a very popular chain restaurant unique to Canada, and this guy was a visiting yank who was trying to contextualize the Rolly’s brilliance for the locals using words they’d understand.

The dumbfounded man stood slack-jawed as the Rolly spun around a few more times. Then he said “Well what’re you s’posed to DO with it?”

The demo jockey, undaunted, said “Well i have one of these, and i showed it to my friends, and they were entertained by it all night.”

i couldn’t resist. i asked “Did you entertain them in your home, or in your chalet?”

When the Rolly shimmies its way to Canada, it’s expected to cost $400. Also in this price range: lighting $400 on fire.

Prepare to Bail – thoughts on EA skate.

i used to write video game reviews for my former empliyer’s website. It was an unpaid thing. i was paid in games and cookies. It’s like being a stand-up comedian and being paid in beer.

i hope that by now, i’ve published enough stuff to be considered a viable freelance reviewer.

One of the latest review copies to cross my desk was EA skate. The game is huge, and i haven’t given it enough time to review it, but here are my initial thoughts:


Try this at home.

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Adobe AIR app ideas

While it’s still fresh in my mind, i wanted to commit to pixels the ideas that sprung to mind during the Adobe OnAIR Bus Tour.

AIR is a product that lets you develop desktop applications. The apps can interface with the Internets and your user’s local file system. Adobe has taken pains to ensure that the product is accessible to as many people as possible, from C-language coders using Flex, traditional HTML and javascript guys, and web sugar Flash guys and game developers like myself.

i don’t know why, but the one feature of AIR that gripped me most was the file drag n’ drop API. Here it is in a nutshell:

- drag and drop files onto your app
- teach your app to recognize the file type
- teach your app to respond to the file when it is dragged into the app, and when it is dropped (user releases the mouse button)
- drag stuff out of your app and on to other apps
- bundle file info with the doodad you’re dragging so that other programs will recognize and accept it (for example, your user drags an image out of your app and on to Photoshop. Photoshop likes image files, so it loads the sucker up.)

Wow! Pretty boring – unless you have imaaaaaaginaaaaationnnn ….
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Hot PHP, MySQL, and Flash threesome

i knew i recognized Lee Brimelow’s name and voice when i heard him speak at the Adobe OnAIR Bus Tour.

A short time ago, i found this excellent tutorial explaining how to swap data between a mySQL database and Flash via PHP:

PHP, MySQL, and Flash

It’s aaaalll Lee, baby. This tutorial is much better than any other Flash/MySQL/PHP tutorial i found on the Internets, because Lee does the simplest thing possible with the tools most novices are using – namely phpMyAdmin instead of command line shell access.

As an added bonus, you are lulled into learning by Lee’s dulcet voiceover. He’s like the Barry White of Flash tutorials.

Go light some incense and candles and check it out.

Aaaaawwww yeah

Habeas Corpus

i turn up a lot of strange stuff using Google image search.

When i was browsing “passport” photos for reference material, i came across this page.

Dead men owe no insects.

The gist: in an effort to cheat someone out of an order of dried insects (??), this scammer sent a message purportedly from his wife saying that he had been killed in a motorcycle accident. The email goes on to provide pictures of the corpse as proof!

Methinks the scammer doth protest too much.