Leaving Corus Entertainment

At long last, i’ve left Corus Entertainment where i worked for seven and a half years.

The company is going through some major restructuring. A few months ago, the Interactive department general manager left amid a series of announcements about executive-level shuffling. Two weeks ago, the Financial Post Trading Desk reported that the president of the Television division had dumped all of his Corus shares. The very next day, fp trading desk reported that CEO John Cassaday had made a similar move.

i’ve seen the writing on the wall for some time now, but when the company cut 53 jobs on Tuesday, a number of people were taken off-guard. The Interactive department was rent asunder, to put it dramatically, and Corus lost a lot of great talent. If you are a Canadian media company, and you are looking for game developers, interactive project managers and producers, or even an entire independant television production arm (!!), get thee to Monster.ca and make your best offer!

i’m not sure if Corus is finished “consolodating”. The trades are calling Tuesday’s layoffs the “latest round” of restructuring. There’s still some juicy talent left in that company! i hope to be in touch if Corus leaks more folks in the future.

2 thoughts on “Leaving Corus Entertainment

  1. Laura

    Hey Ryan,

    I stumbled across this site from your facebook. I had no idea that Corus was undergoing such a dramatic change until I read an article yesterday. Your insight adds a whole nother level to the entire story.

    I know this is a shameless plug, but for you or anyone who sees this blog, there are some great open opportunities and a rapidly growing interactive and development department at Kaboose Inc.


    I wish the very best to you because you are full of untapped potential and a man of many talents. You as well as many of the employees who had to go through this “restructuring”.

  2. Ryan

    Thanks, Laura!

    To round it out, here are some other job opportunities and people looking for freelancers:

    Tracy Clancy – Aquent – tclancy at aquent.com
    Aquent is a marketing staffing firm whose services come recommended by my colleague Gus. Tracy is a crack ace at placing Flash freelancers, because she’s constantly keeping up with what’s going on in our industry.

    Sarah Townsend – Resolve Labs sarah at resolvelabs.com
    Resolve Labs need a Flash app developer to do some mobile stuff. i don’t know enough about the company to receommend them, but check them out!

    Paul Nykamp – Octopz – paul at octopz.com
    Octopz needs a Flash dev to create a real-time collaboration app. Looks like they’ll be using Flash Media Server.

    Salma Dhroliya – Astral Media 416-956-8681
    Salma is one of the HR people at Astral, the media company that owns the Movie Network and the Family Channel, among others. They’ve created a new Flash position – looks like game and rich media development. i’ve heard GREAT things about Astral from a few different colleagues – be sure to check out the position!


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