Two by Two

Two by Two was our first foray into the seedy game-development-in-a-single-weekend subculture. The game was built for the second annual TOJam, an industry event where developers cram into a large room on Friday, set up their gear, and try to bang out a working game before the sun sets on Sunday.

[SWF], 550, 400[/SWF]

The game is a simple twist on tried and true flip n’ match memory, where the cards are mapped onto a cube. i sat at my station and folded a paper origami cube to help me visualize where the cube’s faces should be when the cube was rotated.

Origami Waterbomb

The chime-like music effects for the raindrop were created with a kalimba (thumb piano).


The game has three difficulty modes. In the hardest mode, the cube has 9 cards on each cube face. 27 individual animals had to be drawn to satisfy the “Hard” mode requirement. These illustrations took the better part of a day. The animals are randomized on the “Easy” and “Normal” levels to create variety.

Two by Two Animal Cards

The hastily-drawn cast of Two by Two

The sound that plays when the ark doors close is the door chime for Toronto’s subway trains. This was one of the required TOJam elements, along with some variation of a goat. We saitsfied this requirement by including a goat as one of the animals.

The game was reasonably well-received, and later became the subject of our Pimp My Game series of articles, where we ran it through a number of online monetization schemes and reported the financials. The most common complaint among players is that the experience is over too quickly, and that the game requires some sort of levels system or progression padding to make it seem more satisfying.

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18 thoughts on “Two by Two

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    1. Ryan

      Aditya – i’ll be posting the thrilling conclusion to the Pimp My Game experiment soon, but for now, as of November 5th 2009, (1 1/4 years after starting the experiment), the game has racked up $125 in ad revenue.

      – Ryan

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  13. Lydia

    I just played your two by two game and would love to give you some detailed feedback. I am hoping to build my beta testing skills by volunteering my time. Are you on Google plus? If so, we could talk about it there in a google hangout. My main thing about your game for now is that it would be a great Iphone/Android app.
    Also, I know someone that could give you an idea as to what it would take to do that. I’m not sure how much they would charge to do it themselves, they just asked me one time if another developer wanted help porting their pc game to an app. Are you a Christian? You mentioned church in your post about your daughter making a game at ToJam (which is so wonderful). The reason I ask is that I’m a member of the Christian Game Developers Conference. Yes its a conference (we had it this past weekend in fact) and yes its also an online community. :) .

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    1. Ryan Henson Creighton Post author

      Hi, Lydia. Yes, i am a Christian. i know all about the CGDC, though i have never attended. Thomas Henshell, a colleague of mine, was just emailing me about it this week.

      i created Two By Two in a single weekend over seven years ago, and it’s not really something i’m fired up to revisit (i have, however, considered rebuilding the game in Unity and releasing it on mobile, if only for the sake of practicing my Unity skills).

      You can reach me at info [the at symbol] untoldentertainment (dot) com.


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