Online Entertainment

Untold Entertainment Inc. is a video game studio. We create:

  • online interactive games – racers, shooters, quizzes, adventure, arcade, sports and puzzle games
  • mobile games for iOS and BlackBerry Playbook
  • applications – video players, mash-up tools, sticker books, drawing and colouring programs
  • advergames – online games with an integrated brand experience
  • mini-sites – enhanced rich media sections of websites that incorporate sound, animation and interactivity

We are experts in kids’ content- fun and engaging experiences for youth, young adults, tweens, and pre-schoolers.

Brand Extension

Do you have a brand or experience that you’d like to extend to the digital interactive realm, but are unsure of how to go about it? Untold Entertainment can advise you on the best ways in which to extend your brand to create games, websites, applications, or interactive video that complement and naturally enhance your brand. We can explain the genres, platforms, and audiences you can explore to ensure that your brand has the strongest impact wherever it appears.


We regularly consult on projects at various stages of funding. Untold produces game design documents, project descriptions, and pre-production work for funding proposals or early-stage production. We can provide consultation and guidance around honing your concept, budgeting your project, and planning your monetization strategy. We have written research reports for companies interested in expanding into new markets.

Concept Artwork and Mock-Ups

We have worked with many of our clients to draft designs for their upcoming projects, including websites, applications, games and teevee shows. Our mock-ups, storyboards and interactive wireframes go a long way toward bringing potential investors and funding partners on-board, and to aligning the production team to a common vision for the project.